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About Us

The London South East Academies Trust aims to:

  • Uphold that every child and young person has a right to a good education, and to learn within a healthy, safe and supportive environment
  • Enable each school to assert and celebrate its distinctive identity within the Trust whilst operating as a member of the family of schools actively supporting each other and sharing emergent and best practice to the benefit of everyone
  • Put in place effective school improvement strategies based on best practice and supported by all
  • To support good and outstanding schools to continue learning and improving.
  • Establish succession planning and retain good staff.
  • Develop a learning community where all who have a stake in the learning process are valued
  • Make joint bids where partnership could increase the likelihood of securing funding for educational projects across the Trust
  • Develop collaborative strategic alliances across the Borough and nationally
  • Foster joint student activities and partnerships
  • Build and support leadership and management capacity at all levels across the Trust and its schools
  • Ensure that limited resources are well-spent by exploiting economies of scale wherever possible